Million Dollar Ideas for Your Spa’s Health and Beauty Logo Design

The increasing changes in people’s lifestyles have encouraged development of many spas which are health and beauty resorts that provide a soothing shelter for the men and women, but mostly women.

It is a place for sanctuary, serenity and purification.

So, if you are a new spa owner and want to create a brand mark for your business that will give you a competitive edge then you need to make sure that your logo design reflects the characteristics mentioned above.

So how should you design your spa’s health and beauty logo design that reflects your company’s unique features and gives you a competitive edge?

We have a few million dollar ideas:

1. For the colors:

• Use calm and soothing colors:

Since a spa is a place for peace and rest so your emblem should be designed accordingly. Colors have a very strong psychological effect on people and can strongly influence moods and attitudes which is why it is important to choose the colors carefully. Make sure that you use colors that are soothing and calming on sight. Some of such colors are green, ivory, light blue and light purple. If you want to keep your business symbol simple and sophisticated then you can use only the company name in soothing colors to make it classy and attractive.

2. For the fonts:

• Use fonts that indicate delicacy:

Just like the rest of the emblem theme, the fonts that you use also need to depict harmony and comfort. For that you should use fonts that are thin lined and scripted so that they represent delicacy and sophistication.

3. For the images:

• Use of images of your location’s natural beauty:

If you want to make your monogram distinct then you need to look for images around you that define your uniqueness. Use your location to inspire you. For example if your business is located in Utah, then you can use an illustration so of the colorful mountains in your trademark.

• Use illustrations of the lotus:

Flowers are a popular medium to represent peace and harmony but the meaning of tranquility and spirituality that a lotus portrays cannot be surpassed by any other flower. Lotus has been an influential flower in many religions and cultures. It represents purity of body and mind, prosperity, fertility and eternal youth. All these characteristics make it a perfect candidate for our spa symbol. You can use it as a big illustration on top or a small symbol beside the business name.

• Use of female illustrations:

In most of the cases, the heath resorts are targeted towards women. For that, you can create beauty logo samples of women in your brand mark. For example, you can use silhouette of a woman’s profile with red painted finger nails on her cheek.

Hence, don’t be afraid to get creative with your trademark but the only thing you need to keep in mind through the crafting process if that your symbol needs to be a perfect representation of serenity and eternal youth.

China Express Restaurant – Good, Cheap, Not Fancy Nor Classy, and No One Goes Away Hungry

Most of the short, online customer reviews of this Kansas-City-North eatery say the same thing. Good food. Reasonably priced. Fast and friendly service. Not fancy nor classy. One reviewer claimed its food is mixed-regional Chinese or Americanized, but he/she did not care because it was fresh and good.

The all-you-can-eat lunch buffet here is small compared to the bigger Chinese places. It generally has no more than 10 entrees and sides together with appetizers and desserts. Since this buffet has fewer entree choices, it could easily mean healthier eating if less fat-fried food is taken in by its customers. Still, this place uses only cholesterol-free 100% vegetable oil for cooking.

Chinese and oriental foods are notoriously known for their fried food, like, the egg rolls, rangoons, and battered meat dishes. But with fewer choices to start with, chances are the customers will eat fewer fat-fried items. In short, this buffet is kept simple with alternate less-fat item choices.

Lunch buffet items (11:00 am – 2:30 pm) $6-7/person

Appetizers. Egg drop and hot sour soups w/chips plus canned pineapple, melon chunks, and fruit-flavored gelatin from the dessert bar next to them.

Entrees and sides (with some day-to-day variation).

  • vegetable lo-mein (soft noodles)
  • vegetable fried rice
  • stir-fried and drained green beans and mushrooms (separate)
  • seasoned fried potatoes
  • braised-skewered spicy chicken strips
  • beef or chicken w/broccoli
  • meat w/mushrooms or similar
  • chicken or pork (add the warm sweet-sour sauce yourself)
  • pepper steak w/onion
  • Kung Pao chicken
  • fried shrimp, chicken wings, and chicken tenders or similar
  • General Tso’s chicken
  • non-breaded meat and vegetable items
  • crab rangoon, egg roll, wonton/dumpling, sugar roll
  • warm sweet-sour sauce
  • white rice (in separate crock pot)

Desserts. Rice pudding or similar, canned pineapple chunks, multiple layer brownie or fruit-flavored cake; cream puffs; cookies; melon chunks (water melon, seasonal); hard ice cream in separate deep freezer (usually four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and two fruit).

Main menu items (omits MSG and alters spicy level on request)

For further entrees, customers can order specific lunches or dinners from the main menu, which can include water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, nuts, and Chinese vegetables, along with several appetizers and soups. For example, its lunch specials include 18 choices at an average cost of $5 each according to its take-out menu. At least half of them are non-fried, except for three of the five sides that accompany these midday specials (two soups, fried rice, egg roll and crab rangoon); choice of two.

Like other oriental restaurants, many of its regular dishes are listed under the main meat or vegetable item: chicken, pork, duck, moo shu, egg foo young, beef, shrimp, rice, or lo mein. These served-with-white-rice dinners come in two sizes 1) small, about $5 each, and 2) large, about $7.50 each. Additionally, the House Chef’s Specials (19 of them) run about $9.50 each, These are the large dishes also served w/steamed white rice. Children’s plates (under 12) are listed as well. The place also caters and delivers ($15 minimum order).

One online reviewer said the egg foo young here is their favorite dish because its gravy is perfect. Egg foo young is a stuffed flattened omelette that can be topped with a select possibly-hard-to-make gravy.

Restaurant description

The place itself is located at 200 NE Barry Road in the Barry Trails strip. It is mid-sized, and will seat 80 or more. Most of its booths and tables are four-person size. Some of the tables will unfold or can be slid together for larger groups. Extra chairs are available nearby.

Its decor is fairly plain, but nice. A large backlit photo of an oriental temple is mounted on the south wall. After the customers have filled themselves and read their cookie fortune, they pay at a well-lit cash-register counter on their way out.

Conclusion. At the buffet here, if customers choose only two entrees topped with tiny amounts of the sides, and limit themselves to only one egg roll or crab rangoon per plateful, it is still easy to overeat. For information on how to make healthy eating choices at Chinese or similar buffets, see this website.

Fashionable and Classy Shoes For Women From an Authentic Dealer

Protecting feet from harmful germs and dust was the main reason behind the introduction of footwear. Initially, the shoe design was simple and all used to wear same type of footwear. But with the change of time, lot of experiments has been done in the design and style of the shoes. People have become more conscious about their looks, thus the need for fashionable shoes have increased. Shoes have gone through a lot of innovations and experiments.

Shoe manufacturers and designers are devoting themselves in creating more improved quality footwear to meet the fashion requirements of people. They are considering quality and style, two of the crucial factors, while designing shoes of different types. Today’s people are considering foot hygiene along with the style. So, it has become crucial on the part of the footwear designers to consider these issues in order to get reputation in the industry.

Shoes have remained a popular accessory of women’s fashion wardrobe. In fact, it has become an essential fashion item. It definitely acquires an important position in our life so far as our looks and fashion are concerned. It comes in various designs, styles, patterns, colors and sizes. Depending on your fashion requirement and your personality, you should select the shoe.

There are various types of footwear in the market. There is special fascination among ladies for this stylish accessory. They just love to adore their feet with fashionable shoes. In some cases, they become so much inclined towards the fashionable pair of shoes that they forget to make a consideration about the comfort factor. It can have adverse effect on their feet health leading to various foot problems.

There are a number of stores that offer shoes for women as well as men. You may get confused to select one from a long list. It is wise on your part to do some research on this issue before you select any shoe store. You can read the reviews and comments on the people about different shoe dealers from the internet.

Online shopping is definitely a great idea. It is gaining much popularity these days. It allows you to sit at the comfort of your home and shop different items. When it comes to buying footwear, you may need to consider certain crucial issues, like size, comfort, style and price. There are a number of footwear brands that promise to offer quality shoes for women and men. These include, Caterpillar shoes boots, womens winter boots, Iron Fist shoes, Keds plimsolls, Marco Tozzi shoes boots, Jeffery West shoes boots, Art shoes boots and Wrangler shoes boots. They design quality footwear with innovative and unique designs to meet the fashion requirements of the stylish men and women.